“I have a 10 year old son who is an avid reader!! He loves books, (but he’s picky too) he loved Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. He was so excited to read the 2nd book in this series! When I presented him the first book he was not sure he would like it but changed his mind quickly, then when I heard about the 2nd book being released he almost jumped out of his chair! (no exaggeration) He is anxiously awaiting the 3rd book! I would say that any child who enjoys fantasy/adventure books should read this series! It is a well written page turner! It’s a fun story that adults can even enjoy the storyline without getting bored! According to my son, ‘every kid should read this series’. ” ~ 5-Star review from SavyGreenSaver, Amazon “I loved this book, even as an adult reading it. I was completely sucked into the plot and was constantly finding myself staying up “just a little longer” to read one more chapter. Different twists and turns in the book have you constantly guessing who is behind what and who Zak and Zoe can trust. I could definitely see myself being involved in this series as a middle schooler considering how much I enjoyed it even now. Another thing I liked about it is if you missed the first book, you could still follow along with this one and not be lost.” ~ 5-Star review from Staci, Amazon “Lars Guignard has done a fabulous job with this series. I loved the `Ghost Leopard’ & love this one even more. For late-elementary to middle school age readers, you can’t beat this series. It’s fun and fast-paced. Even my picky fifth grader enjoyed every page. There are bits of magic thrown in keep the action exciting. Mr. Guignard has a brilliant imagination & readers are blessed that he’s chosen to use it for YA fiction. If you’ve yet to read the first installment in this series, do yourself a favor and read these books back to back. Don’t limit it just to kids! Adults will have a blast reading these too!” ~ 5-Star review from Liz Terek, Amazon
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“WARNING!!! It's the best!”

I hope that Lars Guignard! Makes more to come! I think that it is the best for other kids that love fantasy book's !! Hope you love it too!!

“Great Book for Tweens”

My 10 year old grand daughter loved this book. She could hardly put it down. She hopes it turns into a series.

“Read this!”

I thought it was very interesting and also very funny. Me and my brother both really enjoyed it. Compared to other books I've read, it had way more details and I liked how it was in India because I've never been there. The yogi way was cool. I will read it a second time for sure.

“An Exciting Adventure!”

I would highly recommend this fast-paced page turner for all kids who like stories that feature magic, mystery, and adventure in an exotic location. Guignard's vivid descriptions of India -- both the chaotic city scenes and the trip through the majestic Himalayas -- bring the beauty of the country alive to young readers. His main characters, Zoe and Zac, are appealing and well drawn. It's fun to watch this pair of unlikely allies form a friendship as they race against time to rescue a supernatural creature from a villain out of ancient Indian mythology -- and discover their own hidden potential in the process.


My Interview with the Vancouver Sun — Money and eBooks

I got interviewed recently about money and books for the Vancouver Sun. Being a writer, since I obviously didn’t know anything about money, they decided to talk to somebody else.  No, not really, but you get the idea.  Money and books have always had an uncomfortable relationship. Kind of like oil and water, two things that really shouldn’t mix, but when they do, you hear about it  — generally with some kind of bad news — like the Exxon Valdez just ran up on the beach.

I suppose this uncomfortable relationship might have something to do with the collision between art and commerce, but I suspect it has more to do with people, or more precisely, the notion that certain people are good at certain things, and what makes a good writer, isn’t necessarily the same set of skills that makes you successful in business. History is replete with examples of writers who have died penniless. Melville comes to mind, but the point I want to make is that the historical inability of the writer to make a living crafting words is quickly changing. And the writer’s historical inability to make said living, may have had more to do with the status quo and the mass communications systems of the time, than any particular deficiency on the writer’s part.

Amazon has provided the tools that make it possible for the average writer to make a normal living, say as much money as a plumber or a bus driver, without taking a second job doing the plumbing and driving as they would have had to in the past. Of course this paradigm shift means that a lot of the people who were making money off of the writers efforts, i.e. traditional publishers,  are seeing their revenue models change — and that, in a nutshell, is what all the screaming and moaning in the publishing business is really all about — resisting change. Well you know what Darwin said — it isn’t the strongest, or the most intelligent who survive, it’s the most  adaptable. So to anyone bemoaning the chaos that is publishing today, I say get busy adapting. Because I think it’s OK if a writer can make as much money as a plumber. If you want to know what else I have to say about money and books, read the Vancouver Sun article here.

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