“I have a 10 year old son who is an avid reader!! He loves books, (but he’s picky too) he loved Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. He was so excited to read the 2nd book in this series! When I presented him the first book he was not sure he would like it but changed his mind quickly, then when I heard about the 2nd book being released he almost jumped out of his chair! (no exaggeration) He is anxiously awaiting the 3rd book! I would say that any child who enjoys fantasy/adventure books should read this series! It is a well written page turner! It’s a fun story that adults can even enjoy the storyline without getting bored! According to my son, ‘every kid should read this series’. ” ~ 5-Star review from SavyGreenSaver, Amazon “I loved this book, even as an adult reading it. I was completely sucked into the plot and was constantly finding myself staying up “just a little longer” to read one more chapter. Different twists and turns in the book have you constantly guessing who is behind what and who Zak and Zoe can trust. I could definitely see myself being involved in this series as a middle schooler considering how much I enjoyed it even now. Another thing I liked about it is if you missed the first book, you could still follow along with this one and not be lost.” ~ 5-Star review from Staci, Amazon “Lars Guignard has done a fabulous job with this series. I loved the `Ghost Leopard’ & love this one even more. For late-elementary to middle school age readers, you can’t beat this series. It’s fun and fast-paced. Even my picky fifth grader enjoyed every page. There are bits of magic thrown in keep the action exciting. Mr. Guignard has a brilliant imagination & readers are blessed that he’s chosen to use it for YA fiction. If you’ve yet to read the first installment in this series, do yourself a favor and read these books back to back. Don’t limit it just to kids! Adults will have a blast reading these too!” ~ 5-Star review from Liz Terek, Amazon
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“WARNING!!! It's the best!”

I hope that Lars Guignard! Makes more to come! I think that it is the best for other kids that love fantasy book's !! Hope you love it too!!

“Great Book for Tweens”

My 10 year old grand daughter loved this book. She could hardly put it down. She hopes it turns into a series.

“Read this!”

I thought it was very interesting and also very funny. Me and my brother both really enjoyed it. Compared to other books I've read, it had way more details and I liked how it was in India because I've never been there. The yogi way was cool. I will read it a second time for sure.

“An Exciting Adventure!”

I would highly recommend this fast-paced page turner for all kids who like stories that feature magic, mystery, and adventure in an exotic location. Guignard's vivid descriptions of India -- both the chaotic city scenes and the trip through the majestic Himalayas -- bring the beauty of the country alive to young readers. His main characters, Zoe and Zac, are appealing and well drawn. It's fun to watch this pair of unlikely allies form a friendship as they race against time to rescue a supernatural creature from a villain out of ancient Indian mythology -- and discover their own hidden potential in the process.


Blog Review Tour for Zoe & Zak and the Yogi’s Curse

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Zoe & Zak and the Yogi’s Curse

Blog Review Tour (2013-14)

December 15, 2013

Yogi’s Curse is a non-stop thrilling adventure featuring the ever-entertaining tweens, Zoe and Zak, now attending boarding school in India.  Armed with Zoe’s growing yogi powers and Zak’s trusty whip Stryker, the duo must rely on their wits when a new evil descends on the school and students begin disappearing.  Lars Guignard keeps up the pace with this second installment in the Zoe and Zak Adventure series.  I recommend this series to tweens and teens who love a great adventure steeped with magic and mysticism. Ages 8+.” Read the full review at Mother Daughter Book Reviews

December 16, 2014

“I originally became interested in the Zoe & Zak series because I thought that my 11 year old daughter would enjoy them. Once I started reading the series, I quickly became sucked in. Fantasy, action, adventure, wonderful characters and some fun mysteries has me hooked.” Read the full review at Brooke Blogs

December 17, 2013

“In The Yogi’s Curse, Zoe and Zak have returned to India, this time to attend boarding school on the edge of the Himalayas. Despite the abundance of magic around, this definitely isn’t Hogwarts, and that isn’t just because elephants instead of horseless carriages deliver the students to the school. The school is rather darker, with less helpful school authorities and a definite lack of edible food. … The book has great suspense filled magical mystery, but the real joy is in the very humorous, human details that fill in the spaces between big plot turns.” Read the full review at Houseful of Chaos

December 18, 2013

“The Zoe and Zak adventure series is the answer for tweens who have grown up with Mary Pope Osbourne’s Magic Treehouse books.” Read the full review at Mary-andering Among the Pages

The Zoe and Zak adventure series is the answer for tweens who have grown up with Mary Pope Osbourne’s Magic Treehouse books. – See more at: http://maryanderingamongthepages.blogspot.ca/2013/12/todays-kids-lit-review-zoe-and-zack.html#sthash.4Cq43ozF.dpuf

December 22, 2013

“Guignard has done it again! Yogi’s Curse is another great Zoe and Zak book that is not to be missed. Be prepared to enter into more fantasy and bizarre action-packed adventures.” Read the full review at We are the DinoFamily (Review)

December 24, 2013

First, I have to say, I loved the first Zoe & Zak adventure… and I think I loved this one even more. The premise of the story focuses around Zoe & Zak as they are sent off to boarding school. This isn’t your wonderful Hogwarts though- this is a place with horrible food, strict rules, interesting teachers, technological restrictions (no tv, internet, email). … The combination of great action and adventure, with the persona growth, and strong characters make this a must read book for your middle grader… 5 stars!” Read the full review at Fantasy Fun With Kirstin Pulioff

December 26, 2013

 “I enjoyed all the twists and turns and they awesome adventure that Zoe & Zak went through in this story. I also enjoyed the comedy in the story as well. I RECOMMEND this book to all ages to enjoy. I am extremely excited to read their next adventure.” Read the full review at Black Words – White Pages Kids

December 28, 2013

I really enjoyed this read. For me, the second book has cemented the series and made a lovely springboard for Book 3. … The action is non-stop and plot twists and turns keep readers hanging onto their magic carpets as they fly along with our heroes. The magicality is wonderful, using legends and fantasy elements from Indian culture and mythology. There are no instant spells ‘imported’ into the story: all the enchantment belongs firmly in India, using cultural and folkloric aspects that will no doubt get young readers interested in reading up more about the background.” Read the full review at Fiona Ingram

December 29, 2013

Like Ghost Leopard (book 1) Yogi’s Curse is filled with nonstop action from beginning to end. There is  lots of humor and a great deal of Lar’s fantastic imagination  as well as the real culture, history, and  mysterious beliefs of India described throughout the book. The story is fun and fasted paced and will keep you intrigued up until the last page. I recommend this book to tweens, teens, and adults who may  want to unleash the adventurous kid trapped somewhere inside them.” Read the full review at Victoria Simcox

December 30, 2013

From flying elephants, security guard monkeys, to mysterious monsters. Kids who love to live in their own worlds will enjoy venturing into Zoe and Zak’s second big adventure.” Read the full review at Stitch Says

December 31, 2013

“I enjoyed reading Ghost Leopard, the first book in the Zoe and Zak series, and I liked Yogi’s Curse even more. The action is nonstop. There are riddles to solve, and, of course, there are talking animals as well as burning birds, elephants and monkeys at every turn, and a curse to not only lift but figure out first. I know I’ve left some things out but there’s so much going on in this book!Yogi’s Curse is another must read by Lars Guignard for readers of all ages. I can’t wait to read #3 in the series, Tiger Temple.” Read the full review at Bound 4 Escape

January 3, 2014

I loved the faster pace of this second book. Zoe & Zak’s adventures kept me turning pages to see what was happening next. One of my favorite parts of the story was the idea of this fabulous school at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. As a kid I would have loved that!” Read the full review at Cheryl Carpinello’s Writing Pages

I thought that Yogi’s Curse was an excellent second book in the Zoe & Zak series.  It had all of the adventure and Indian culture that Ghost Leopard had, but I found the boarding school setting to be even more fun and interesting than the hotel setting at the beginning of the first book. This book could certainly be read on its own, but kids would benefit from reading Ghost Leopard first so that they could see how Zoe discovered her powers and how Zak got his magical items!” Read the full review at Best Kids’ Reads

January 5, 2014

Part mystery, part fantasy, part action/adventure, Zoe and Zak set off together to make sense of the yogi’s curse, and along the way they discover that all is not as it seems.  I love the fast pace of this book, combined with the mystical elements that underlie all the action.  If you liked the first Zoe and Zak book, you will be hard pressed to put this one down once you start reading!” Read the full review at Bibliothecary Prescriptions

January 7, 2014

“With plenty of great action and snarkiness between Zoe and Zak to enjoy, the book provides a great read for readers who enjoy mythology based stories that involve other countries.” Read the full review at GeoLibrarian

January 8, 2014

“I love the way this dives into the Indian culture and mythology without ever feeling ‘teachy’. Zoe and Zak face everything from giant birds to talking elephants. Dull moments simply don’t exist in this plot. Especially, the funny dialogue and statements Zak and Zoe throw in, while learning more about their quest, left me and my son laughing. There were tons of twists and turns to keep us turning the pages, and we both couldn’t wait to see how Zoe and Zak would end up lifting the terrible curse.” Read the full review at Bookworm for Kids

“Zoe and Zak and the Yogi’s Curse is an action packed adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, and a bit of humor creating a captivating and well rounded tale. The author’s attention to detail makes it easy to visualize the events as they unfold and I was immediately drawn in. I also enjoyed getting to know more about Zoe and Zak and to learn, after their previous encounter in India, their friendship had blossomed. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Zoe and Zak and the Yogi’s Curse.” BeachBoundBooks

January 9, 2014

“I give this book a five star review. I loved it. This book may be a children’s book, but as an adult I loved it.” Read the full review at Kay LaLone I Love Books

January 10, 2014

These books are not just for the young.  The Young at Heart can enjoy them too.  I know I have and I’m not  in the young category. The author, Mr. Guignard does a marvelous job of  creating characters and situations that let the reader’s imagination go along for the magic carpet ride.” Read the full review at Books, Reviews, Etc

January 11, 2014

“As a parent, I look for books that not only are fun and entertaining for my kids to read (if they aren’t, then it’s like pulling teeth out of their mouth to get them to finish it), but also ones that teach them values and morals. This creatively written adventure, fantasy story (which is full of many twists and turns) will make the reader think more deeply (there is quite a mix of problem-solving, which today’s kids could value from). … We live in some tough times. This story left me believing that any thing is possible–even elephants flying which happens in the Yogi’s Curse. Kids need hope. They need creativity. They need to believe. Zoe and Zak and the Yogi’s Curse does just that. ” Read the full review at Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom

January 12, 2014

In this sequel, which drops just enough Hansel and Gretel-like backstory breadcrumbs to read well as a stand-alone, the two find themselves embroiled once again on a world-saving quest at the behest of Muktha, a sort of mystic
Charles Townsend to Zoe and Zac’s angels…er, devils. … This Zoe and Zak adventure once again succeeds in painting a beautifully detailed canvas that captures the varied and intense colors of the Indian culture and landscape. There are moments of intense peril that may prove overpowering for a younger middle-grade reader, but most lovers of grand adventure should appreciate the “King Solomon’s Mines”-scope this action-adventure story takes.” Read the full review at InkSpired

In this sequel, which drops just enough Hansel and Gretel-like backstory breadcrumbs to read well as a stand-alone, the two find themselves embroiled once again on a world-saving quest at the behest of  Muktha, a sort of mystic Charles Townsend to Zoe and Zac’s angels…er, devils.

This time around, the mysterious yogi sets them on the path to release the Yogi’s Curse.  Dispelling an ancient curse should be nothing to the intrepid duo, armed with a magical cobra-headed whip named Stryker and a snazzy magic carpet, alias “Doormat”.  All they have to do is get past the snarling monkey guards patrolling the school grounds, sneak past the eagle-eyed squawking parrot hall monitors…oh, and survive the danger posing as dining hall dinner.

New schools mean new faces, and besides Amanda S. Mean” Meengin, the resident bully, Zoe and Zak easily make friends with the widely assorted palette of children that populate Moonstock Academy.  But, when Zoe’s new roommate Anita goes missing and not a single soul claims to know who she is, Zoe’s impending sense of adventure (with a side order of doom) starts to tingle.

This Zoe and Zak adventure once again succeeds in painting a beautifully detailed canvas that captures the varied and intense colors of the Indian culture and landscape.  There are moments of intense peril that may prove overpowering for a younger middle-grade reader, but most lovers of grand adventure should appreciate the “King Solomon’s Mines”-scope this action-adventure story takes.  It is a novel better-suited for children rather than adults, as Zoe’s narratives echo a distinctive adolescent tone and timbre. Reader’s aged 9-12 will willingly follow Zak and Zoe along on their adventure.

– See more at: http://www.melindatfalgoust.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/3715673/harrowing-hijinks-in-th-himalayas-book-review-zoe-and-zak-the-yogis-curse-by-lars-guignard#sthash.6wRJJwnD.dpuf

January 13, 2014

“The picturesque scene Lars Guignard paints makes me feel like I want to be there to see it for myself. The way he describes the cafeteria food reminds me of going to camp as a kid. The mischief Zak and Zoe get themselves into is dangerous and makes the reader’s heart skip a beat or two.” Read the full review at Heart of a Philanthropist

January 14, 2014

“This is the second book in the series and Lars does an excellent job of keeping the pace going, with plenty of adventure for our young Zoe & Zac. I read this book to my grandson and we both loved it.” Read the full review at Dalene’s Book Reviews

Middle-grade novelist Lars Guuignard has done it again.  With a curry-flavored flourish he has gathered all the ingredients to create a recipe for adventure that’s sure to whet the appetite of any action-loving reader, large or small.


There’s nothing small about the new quest in which familiar heroes, Zoe and Zak, quickly find themselves embroiled.  Readers familiar with the series (of which Tiger Temple is the third), will remember to children’s search for the First Noble Truth in Book 2: The Yogi’s Curse.  Well, where’s there’s a first, there is bound to be a second, and when a supernatural creature worms its way up through the lava hole at mysterious Moonstock Academy, the young adventurers soon realize that they must secure the Tiger Eye of Justice.


Thus far, Zoe has driven the plots of Mr. Guignard’s books.  Readers are in for a treat, however, as this book sees Zak to begin to truly come into his own.  He receives a new power which will prove invaluable to their quest.  But, if he cannot master his newfound abilities quickly, the clock will run out of time.  When contact with a strange bubble afflicts Zak with an inexplicable ailment that threatens his life, readers will be rooting even more strongly for him to pull through.


The story abounds with puzzles and riddles, adding yet another level of enjoyment for readers.  Once again, too, Mr. Guignard has cleverly woven in historical facts about his beloved India. (Don’t worry, parents.  The story’s so much fun, the kids will never realize they’re actually learning something!) 

– See more at: http://www.melindatfalgoust.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/3720307/move-over-katy-perry-lars-guignard-roars-with-zoe-zak-and-the-tiger-temple#sthash.CM0n77I9.dpuf”

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